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Man who overdosed on fentanyl and lived to tell about it is now missing

TUCSON – A man who narrowly escaped a fentanyl overdose is now missing.

Tucson police said 44-year-old Everado “Lalo” Orozco, his brother Elud, and his girlfriend overdosed in July 2018.  The brother and his girlfriend died.  They were at Lalo’s east side house on Burning Tree Lane.

The Counter Narcotics Alliance a multi-agency task force investigated along with the Tucson Police Homicide unit.

Officer Mike Evans is assigned to C.N.A.  He said Orozco was last seen Oct. 5, 2018, on South 6th Avenue boarding a shuttle to Nogales, Arizona.

He told family members he was going to do a plumbing job there that a friend of his had gotten him.

That night he spoke to his mother and told him the job had taken longer than he expected and he would be home the following day.  Officer Evans said he texted pictures of the house he was working on to his daughter.

Orozco never showed up the following day and has not been seen or heard from.

Officer Evans said they checked his phone and bank records and there has been no activity.

“We believe that Mr. Orozco is suspected to be involved in narcotics trafficking, “ Evans added.  Police also believe the people he is associated with and went to visit in Nogales are also suspected of being involved in narcotics trafficking.

He said they, along with Nogales police have knocked on several doors and everyone they have come in contact with has not wanted to cooperate with police.

Officer Evans told News 4 Tucson, “By them not sharing the information that we need to locate Mr. Orozco they may be possibly involved in his disappearance.”

He added they want closure for the family one way or the other even though he may be involved in illegal activity, Orozco is still a victim.  He has children, a mother, and a family who need to know what happened.

The family told the officer they desperately want answers but they also fear for their safety.

If you have information call 88-CRIME.


Caitlin Alexander

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