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Crime Trackers: Malnourished, neglected horses thriving at ‘For The Love of the Hoof’ rescue

CATALINA, Ariz. – Horses that were seized by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department two months ago are now thriving at the “For the Love of the Hoof” Rescue.

Detectives originally went to the home to investigate a domestic violence incident and saw the horses that were neglected, and malnourished.

They arrested the owner and cited his father with animal neglect.

The horses were taken to the “For the Love of the Hoof”.  Wendy heads the horse rescue. She said when one of the horses, Bella came to their property, she said she was the worst.

She came off the horse trailers not being able to walk because her hooves had been neglected. She had open sores and lesions.  She even said maggots were inside the wounds.

Two other horses, Gumby and Pokie were also malnourished and in bad shape.

Since her organization has been taking care of them, Bella has gained 55 pounds.

Gumby and Pokie have had their feet done. However, the horses are still wild and they have to be sedated.

Bella’s teeth were neglected, so she has to feed her eight smalls a day.

Cathy Jackson boards three of her horses with Wendy.

“I thought Bella was going to die,” Jackson said. “I truly did but her spirit is so strong it just brought her through her illness and she looks so much better now.”

Wendy added, “if you look into her eyes you can tell how gentle she is and how much will she has to live.”

The ultimate goal is to get the horses in good shape so they can be adopted out to their forever homes.

However, the funds for food and vet care are running low.

You can help by contacting Wendy at or at 520-833-3325

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo

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