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Overdose death leads to investigation

TUCSON – Counter Narcotic Alliance officers arrested two people who were selling drugs out of a private student apartment complex.

Tucson police Sgt. Alfredo Mesa told News 4 Tucson; on Jan. 30 they arrested Gabrielle Elbaz and Tiegan William Tinsley.  They were charged with the sale of dangerous drugs at the Hub apartments located at 1011 North Tyndall Avenue.

Sgt. Mesa said this investigation started last December when a University of Arizona student overdosed on fentanyl.  Sgt. Mesa’s squad within C.N.A is responsible for investigating all drug overdose deaths.

He added during the course of that investigation they were able to determine that there was a female selling narcotics to individuals in that area.

They developed information and an undercover officer contacted Elbaz through snapchat.  She and Tinsley sold him ten muscle relaxants and ten Klonopins for $200 on Jan. 23.

The following day the undercover officer contacted Elbaz again and purchased another $200 worth of drugs.

On Jan. 30, the C.N.A officer purchased the following pills, 86 Xanax, 20 Ecstasy, 21 Klonopin, 16 Adderall for $1050.

Holly Wiemann a junior lives at the HUB.  She said she and her roommate were studying on the third floor when they saw multiple police officers converge on the floor.  They were told this was a drug bust.

Samuel Bronson is also a junior. He said he knew Elbaz as a freshman.   According to Sgt. Mesa, Elbaz was not a student at the time of her arrest.

Bronson said this was a good reminder not to break the law.

Since the arrests, Autumn Mosley told News 4 Tucson the HUB management had beefed up security.  She added you can not control what people are bringing in and out of their apartment if they live here.

Sgt. Mesa said the investigation is ongoing.  If anyone has information, they are urged to call 88-CRIME.

Caitlin Alexander

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