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Multiple purse snatchings going on in Marana

TUCSON – Marana police are looking for two brothers who they said are stealing purses from women in a Costco parking lot.

Detective Mike Torres said they have had four cases since the beginning of the year.  The last one was on Jan. 19.

He said Murtaza and Davoud Shayan have been identified through surveillance video as the men who are working as a team.  One man distracts a woman as she is putting away the items in the car, leaving her purse unattended in the cart.  The other man quickly grabs the purse and then they both run off.

Surveillance cameras also showed the men using the stolen credit cards to buy high-end electronics and then cameras also show the men at pawn shops selling the items.

Detective Torres said they have stolen from the victims anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000.

Also caught on camera the vehicle they are using and it is a green Honda with a sunroof.

Torres added the men look so much alike they often use each other’s identification.

In one case one brother took a $400 PlayStation he bought with a stolen credit card and sold it at the pawn shop for $80.

In another case one of the brother’s took a black and gold watch that was in one of the purses and sold it to a pawn shop for $30.  The value of the watch was $400 according to detective Torres.

He added, there are more victims out there and wants them to come forward.

Tucson police are working a case where the brothers were at the Costco parking lot on Grant Road.

Detective Torres warns ladies that when shopping, to keep their purse on them and to be aware of their surroundings.

There is currently an active arrest warrant for Murtaza Shayan for stolen checks.

If you have information call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.

Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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