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Neighbors had enough of car break-ins they install cameras

TUCSON – After a year of vehicle break-ins in his neighborhood, one man finally had enough and decided to take action.

The resident, who asked not be identified by name, said he himself has been a victim of the thefts.

“He had got in there and just destroyed the dash and tore the whole thing up. So I’ve got two claims and they’ve totaled it out to $2836,” he said.

The resident viewed the break-ins as upsetting and unjust.

“I don’t know why he keeps coming in here, stealing from people that work hard and are disabled. It’s not fair to us,” he said.

After a year of repeated break-ins, he finally decided enough was enough. The resident, with the help of his mother, purchased a security camera to catch the thief in the act. It worked. He caught the culprit breaking into his neighbor’s car and stealing items inside, including the person’s ID work badge.

“He worked his way around and went by my truck and we got his face on camera, finally,” he said.

Later, the victim and his son confronted the thief on Dec. 5, 2018. He informed the thief that he had his photo and was taking action with the police.

However, he admitted confronting someone like this is not always the best idea. They could be dangerous and in possession of a weapon.

However, he said he did what he did because the thief was headed towards his mother’s unit.

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Jelineo said this specific crime was one of opportunity.

The thief likely thought, “let’s go through the parking lot and check some door handles and see if somebody left the window down,” Jelineo said.

He also noted that people should lock their doors, vehicles and houses to keep thieves like this one out of your neighborhood.

If you recognize the suspect, he said call 88-Crime.




Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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