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Three arrested in Marana on felony fraud charges


MARANA, Ariz. – On Jan. 3, Marana Police showed up to a parking lot off of I-10. They were checking on the welfare of a 14-year-old girl who police said had some reservations about going to New Mexico with her biological father.

The biological father does not have any rights to the child.

Police officers found the vehicle, a 2018 red Rav 4, with a blanket covering the front window.

“It was an extremely cold night that night, so apparently, the blanket is used to curtail any frost or to keep warmth in the vehicle,” said Detective Mike Torres.

According to Torres,  six people were living inside the vehicle including a two-year-old child who belonged to 42-year-old Arthur Trebizo and his 40-year-old wife, Erin.

Also in the SUV, there was food, pillows, and blankets, but that’s not all. In the back seat was Erin’s 19-year-old daughter, Kayla Holt.

Officers also found a baggie with residue and narcotic paraphernalia. As officers searched the vehicle for additional drugs, the 14-year-old girl comes around the corner with Erin Trebizo.

The 14-year-old was ultimately found to be ok and in good health, wanted to go home with her mother, which she is allowed to do.

Also searched were two purses. One had drugs, in the other one: mail, credit cards checks, things with sensitive information, dates of birth, social security numbers that do not belong to any of the four people in the vehicle.

Police also found several ledgers containing names, passwords, bank account numbers, checks that it appeared someone tried to alter and more sensitive information. Police say they discovered over 100 names they could identify.

They also found bulk mail or junk mail. Det. Torres says the addresses were from midtown Tucson to the south side of Tucson, to these rural mailboxes in Avra Valley.

Kathy Holt believes she may have been a victim. She said their mailboxes had been hit three times, the latest one right around the holidays.

Holt says she has been receiving late notices for bills she claims she has paid.

These three suspects were arrested back on Jan. 3 on aggravated identity theft and were released. Now Det. Torres says there are felony warrants for their arrests. They are now charged with fraud, forgery, theft of a credit card and auto theft.

If you have information call Marana police or if you want to remain anonymous call 88-crime.





Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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