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Crime Trackers: Man arrested for domestic violence, animal cruelty

TUCSON –  Pima County sheriff’s detectives investigated a domestic violence call on the city’s south side and ended up with another crime.

Detectives arrested one man with domestic violence and animal cruelty.  They also charged another with animal cruelty after they found three horses in concerning condition at a south side property.

Det. Ted Noon, who grew up around horses and whose father is a veterinarian, said one mare was in critical condition.

“Her body score on a scale of one to nine with one being emaciated and nine being perfect, she was at a one,” Noon said.

The other two horses were in better standing, however, their hoofs were a cause for concern.

“With my training and experience with horses, once their hoofs get to a certain point, there’s nothing you can do to save them,” Noon said. “You have to euthanize them because they won’t be able to move.”

The horse’s corral was dangerous and confining. There were nails, pieces of lumber and metal inside of the pen – all of which could have injured the animals.

Jose Guillermo Dorame, 43, was arrested on domestic violence charges and was court ordered not to be on the property. Additionally, Dorame was charged with multiple accounts of animal cruelty.

His father, Jose Dorame, 68, was also charged with animal cruelty.

The horses were removed and taken to a rescue facility. according to Noon, they are doing well and will be put up for adoption in the future.



Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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