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PCSD needs help to identify witnesses

TUCSON – The Pima County Sheriff’s Homicide unit needs your help to identify two potential witnesses in last month’s murder at a Denny’s restaurant.

It occurred on November 29th, at the River and Oracle location.

Detective Miguel Flores told News 4 Tucson, they are looking to identify a couple that was at the cash register at Denny’s, and a man who was at the Circle K across the street.

Detective Flores said the suspect 37-year-old James Candelaria said he shot and killed a homeless man in self-defense. The victim was 29-year-old Prentice Reid.

Detective Flores said there was some sort of confrontation an hour before the shooting that occurred at the Circle K on River Road and Oracle.

The suspect had his wife and two children in his vehicle.

At around 6:30 pm Detective Flores said the suspect spotted the victim and ran across Oracle Road.  Reid was shot and killed behind the Denny’s.

The suspect ran into Denny’s and told people there to call 9-1-1 that he had shot and killed a man in the parking lot.

Surveillance cameras showed Candelaria running out of the restaurant, some employees and patrons ran after him.

He returned to the scene. Detective Flores said he had obvious signs of injuries.  They’re investigating how he got those injuries because some of the witnesses inside the restaurant said he didn’t have those injuries when he ran in.

Detective Flores said Candelaria told them he was attempting to defend his family and that he was trying to detain Mr. Reid for police to ultimately make a citizen’s arrest.

Detective Flores asked him why he didn’t his call 911 when he came into contact with the victim an hour before; Candelaria responded his phone had lost power.

Yet the detective said he had gone into the Denny’s during that time to use the restroom; the same restaurant he ran into an hour later to have someone call 911 after he had shot the victim.

Detective Flores is hoping the couple seen at the cash register can provide some useful information, as can the man who was at the Circle K when the altercation broke out.

Flores said they still don’t know what the altercation was about.

If you have information call 911 or 88-CRIME.



Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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