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Stolen credit cards: PCSD need your help to identify suspects

TUCSON – Pima County Sheriff’s Department detectives are investigating a credit card theft from the Citibank call center on Rita Road.  They need your help in identifying the couple spotted using the cards.

According to Det. Jenika Bates, it happened on Sept. 21.  The victim said he received a fraud alert on a credit card.  He told detectives he checked his wallet that was in his locker next to his desk and noticed he was missing four credit cards.

Bates said they obtained video surveillance of two people using his cards and were able to charge a total of $700 – $500 at a Fry’s food store and $200 at a Walgreen’s.

She added they tried using the cards again but were denied numerous times.

The pictures were shown to the victim and to the head of security at Citibank.  No one recognized them.

Bates said it is a possibility an employee stole the credit cards and handed them off to this couple.  She said security at the call center was very tight – a mag card is needed to get in.  She said the pictures were shown to employees and no one seems to know who they are.

If you have information, call 911 or 88-CRIME.

Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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