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Tucson Police Department adds holiday deployments

TUCSON – The Tucson Police Department is in full swing with its holiday deployments.

According to Officer Frank Magos public information officer for Tucson Police,  90% of the car thefts occur because people fail to lock their vehicles.

During this holiday season as people are shopping inside the stores, some thieves are shopping the parking lots going vehicle to vehicle checking for unlocked doors.

That’s one of the reasons Tucson Police is beefing up patrols.

They are sending extra people to shopping centers, and neighborhood malls.

Police also send plain clothes officers to blend into the crowd to observe and then to report to uniform officers who in turn take action or make arrests if they something is going on.

Officer Magos said by adding extra patrol officers it gives the visual of police in the area to act as a deterrent to those who are looking to victimize other people.

One shopper told News 4 Tucson, it was a great idea to have the officers patrolling during this time of year.

Another shopper said she felt much safer having police taking care of the public.  She added they have a difficult job and she was very appreciative of the officers.

Officer Magos said he urges people to get into the holiday spirit however to give themselves plenty of time to navigate the roads, the parking lots, and the stores.

He wants people to lock their doors, keep the gifts out of plain sight, and to be aware of their surroundings.



Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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