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Crime Trackers: Woman speaks out about marriage with man who murdered his stepdaughter

TUCSON – The man convicted of murdering his stepdaughter waits in the Pima County Jail to be sentenced.

Joshua Lelevier is facing life in prison for the 2017 murder of Jayden Glomb. He was also convicted for concealing the victim’s body and several counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

For nearly a decade, Lelevier’s second ex-wife has been in hiding.  Michelle Fortier Lelevier said she feared for her life and that of her daughter.

She told News 4 Tucson his conviction is a welcome relief for them.

Michelle said Josh had threatened to kill her numerous times.

She has opened up about her ordeal because she realized she needed to stand up and say she was not going to be afraid of him anymore.

Lelevier said they dated in Alaska while he was in the Air Force. They were together for two years before getting married.

She said he began to change once she became pregnant with their daughter.

“One night it got really bad, he pushed me up against the hallway wall,” she said. “I was scared it was going to hurt the baby.”

They separated, and just before the baby was born, they reconciled. Michelle said the physical and emotional abuse continued.

She said Josh would talk about how he knew ways to kill people that would go undetected. She said she lived in fear.

When they took long road trips, he would tell her he could bury her where nobody would find her.

Lelevier said she started leaving notes in her jewelry box and in other places in case anything happened to her. She said through these notes, her family would know who was responsible.

They divorced in 2005, but they continued to date off and on. During that time, she said he met Jessica Oliver and would tell her about Oliver’s daughter, Jayden.

They remarried in 2007.  She said the physical abuse continued.  Towards the end of the marriage, she said Josh faced her, put his hands to her neck, pushed her back into a room and into the closet, and choked her.

They divorced in 2010.

Why did she marry him twice?  She responded, “I had just come to believe over time that it was my fault. If I acted differently, behaved differently, then he wouldn’t get mad.  If I tried harder then he would love me.”

She realized she had to get out of the marriage when it began to affect their daughter.

She said she has suffered nightmares all her life.  When the girl now a teenager, she discovered her father was accused of killing his stepdaughter. Michelle said she went into a deep depression, she tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized for three months.

Both mother and daughter are going through intense counseling.

She said she is now a stable relationship with a man who cares about her and her daughter’s well being.

She also has four children now.

When she heard the guilty verdict, her response, “We are free, and we can finally breathe”.

Josh Lelevier is looking at life in prison.

Caitlin Alexander

Caitlin Alexander

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