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Crime Trackers: Greeting cards banned for inmates at the Pima County Jail

An increase in illegal drugs hidden in greeting cards has been reported at Pima County Jail.

TUCSON – Starting now, inmates at the Pima County Jail will no longer be receiving greeting cards.

According to Captain Sean Stewart, there has been an increase in illegal drugs making their way into the facility through greeting cards.

A year ago, the jail placed a body scanner for inmates so they could detect contraband on the inmates.

Since then, Captain Stewart said they have found dangerous drugs such as heroin, suboxoen, fentanyl, meth and cocaine hidden in greeting cards.

He said the person sending the contraband buys two of the same cards.  They use a razor blade to peel the cover off one and the place the drug in between.  Then they glue the cards together.

He added the most common drug they find heroin because it is very pliable.  The heroin is rubbed onto the paper and the inmates eat it.

Lala Soto was just leaving the jail when News 4 Tucson caught up to her.  She said denying greeting cards to inmates was not fair.

Dawn Lopez was visiting her brother.  She said one of her daughters had sent him a colorful drawing. It was returned.  She said because it had too much color.

She is upset because the inmates are people and need to be treated accordingly.

Jail officials told News 4 Tucson, the sheriff has the duty to protect the inmates and the staff.

Unfortunately, due to some of the inmates, everyone has to pay the price.

Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo

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