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Have a crack in your windshield? The summertime heat will only make it worse.

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TUCSON (KVOA) – Does your windshield have a crack? Local experts say that now is the time to get it fixed. And, the longer you delay it, the higher chance that the summer heat will take over.

"Eventually it was time to be safe and just change my windshield out," said Oro Valley resident Joanna Myhr-Arrison.

Recently, Joanna's windshield was cracked by a rock on Oracle Road. At first, she left it alone, but then it started spreading.

"It spread slowly, and then would go quickly. So it wasn't all at once."

Quickly due to the increasing temperatures! The folks of Northwest Auto Glass say that it's crucial to fix those windshield cracks as soon as possible during the summer, which is their busy time of year.

"During the summertime, glass when it's hot… it's softer," said Matt Gipson, owner of Northwest Auto Glass. "So it becomes easier to break, so even the littlest pebble will break it."

Matt also told News 4 Tucson that the state of Arizona insurance regulations say that if a crack is larger than 6 inches, then the full windshield does need to be replaced.

"Fixing a chip is a lot cheaper than fixing a whole windshield," said Nick Gipson, Matt's son and partial owner of Northwest Auto Glass. "A windshield could go from $200 all the way to $1500. a chip could range from $35 to $60."

So if you'd rather pay $35-$60 than up to $1500…

"Stay back off of 18-wheelers as much as possible," Matt added.

And remember…

"It is a safety issue as much as it's a cosmetic issue," said Joanna.

Remember that many area companies can come to your house or work to fix your windshield. And at times, insurance can help with the cost.

Northwest Auto Glass can be reached at 520-744-8900 or 520-990-3701. For more information on their services, click here.

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Frankie McLister

Frankie McLister is the Multimedia Journalist for News 4 Tucson Today. His interest in storytelling began when he was young and loves telling those of Southern Arizona.

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