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Dangers to expect in the desert this spring

ARIZONA, USA - Spring temperatures are on the way and as more people make their way outdoors, there are a few creepy crawlers to be aware of.

The top desert dangers lurking in our southwest backyard are snakes, scorpions, bees, mosquitoes and spiders.

Dr. Daniel Brooks with Banner Poison and Drug Information Center says stings and bites can be deadly so it's important to protect yourself.

"We always recommend wearing boots or sneakers, you know, not wearing open-toed shoes. Even if you're going out to play a round of golf, you've got to be extra careful," he said.

Meanwhile, bees are a big one to watch out for because they can travel quickly and feel a threat in an instant.

"Most of the bees in the United States are Africanized, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale while breathing and any movement near their hive or nest is seen as a threat and they'll attack. Bee swarmings can be fatal and put people in the emergency department. Even a day or two in hospital. Plus, there's spiders and other insects that can lead to pretty painful bites or chronic skin injuries or infections," Dr. Brooks added.

If you get bit or stung, it's important to seek medical attention right away to alleviate the spread of venom. Most importantly, keep a lookout. Drink plenty of water and remember your own limitations.

For more information, visit the Banner Health website.

Authored by Rachel Cole, 12 news

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