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Local police officers train for high risk traffic stops

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MARANA, Ariz. (KVOA) - Police officers all over the country are constantly training to keep their skills sharp. The Marana Police Department is taking a new approach to keep the officers and public safe.

During the high-risk stop training, the training officers wore red. They watched every move the uniformed officers made.

Sgt. Abel Samano gave News 4 Tucson an example of a high-risk stop.

"Say if we encounter a suspect in a vehicle, due to the high risk to the officers, this is how the person would be extracted from the vehicle," Samano said.

Officer Lucas Wilkinson said it is important that the officers know what other officers are doing.

"If somebody gets out of line and something that is unexpected due to lack of training, then it puts us and the public in a bad position," Wilkinson said.

Instead of spending one full day training, it is now broken into two-hour intervals on various topics throughout the year.

"Armed robbery suspect, domestic violence suspect who is known to use a weapon," Samano said. "So in situations like that, it is high risk to the officer and high risk to the public."

The instructors also go over the tactics they use on a day-to-day basis to make sure they are being used properly.

"Which includes firearms proficiency, defensive tactics, people training," Samano said. "So training for high-risk stops or high-speed chases and what not."

The Marana Police Department will continue to hold these training sessions to keep officers proficient and up to national and state standards.

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