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Heroes of COVID: Tucson Fire’s vaccine team helping to combat virus

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TUCSON(KVOA) --During this pandemic, there have been many people stepping up to help those most vulnerable. Many of them working countless hours not for any recognition but just to help get us past this public health crisis.

Thousands of people are getting vaccinated at the Tucson Convention Center, it's all part of an effort led by a group of first responders working to get us to the finish line in this battle against COVID-19.

Tucson Fire Captain Roger Soriano is part of the many first responders with Tucson Collaborative Community Care other wise known as TC-3. The group works to reduce and prevent 9-11 calls.

Part of his mission along with others on the team has been to give out the vaccine.

On any given day at the TCC around 1,100 people are one step closer to being safe from the virus.

A mission near and dear to Captain Soriano's heart, who knows all to well the heartache the virus has brought.

"We lost my brother," Soriano said. "We haven't been able to have a funeral for him it's been hard."

Soriano a 33-year veteran with TFD has spent the past year doing what he does best, helping people.

This summer he spent four weeks with his wife in New Mexico volunteering for the Navajo Nation hit hard by the virus.

"That was a great experience for us, and it was good for our souls and we've come back and now we're doing the shot clinic and we're trying to get us to the finish line," Soriano said.

Also helping with the mission is Natalie Becker who has been working above the 40 hour work week, helping vaccinate hundreds of people.

"I've worked with the clinic for gosh three weeks now I believe so it's got to be at least over 500 for me at least," Becker said.

Becker says everyone she's come across at the TCC has been so thankful for her efforts.

"I've had so many people become emotional after they've received that first vaccination and like I've said it before it's really an honor to be a part of," Becker said.

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