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Man experiences enlarged tongue during bout with Covid-19

Among the many around the world who have contracted the coronavirus some of those people have experienced very unusual side effects.

That is the case with a man who experienced a rare condition of a massively swollen tongue while being treated for Covid-19. Fortunately, a gifted surgeon was able to put the man back on a path to a normal life giving Anthony Jones has a reason to smile again.

"My tongue was sticking out my mouth, it was getting heavy", said Jones.

Jones has Macroglossia, a medical term for an enlarged tongue which is extremely rare. He said it started when he contracted Covid-19. Jones, who lives in florida, was hospitalized for three weeks. He said he was placed on his stomach for twelve hours a day to help his lungs heal from the virus. During that time, his tongue became enlarged making it hard to talk or eat. Jones said his doctor was stumped.

"He had never seen anything like it before", Jones said, "And he told me the only thing he could do was cut it."

Through online research, Jones found a doctor hundreds of miles away at UT Health, a school of dentistry, and the med center. Dr. James melville had treated five others from Macroglossia and was eager to help jones.

"I was excited about the surgery because I knew from my previous surgery that I could give him a solid quality of life", said Melville. Jones flew to houston in October and has a successful surgery, he can now talk and eat again and is now planning to get implants to repair the damage the swollen tongue caused to his teeth.

"It's a blessing", Jones said, "I think my taste buds are better now than they were before."

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