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Growing pains for local dispensary cause issues for nearby residents

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TUCSON (KVOA) - Harvest House of Cannabis is growing problems for nearby residents as hundreds of people continue to visit the shop every day.

The overcrowding in the residential area has them concerned and upset, with some even saying living here is unbearable.

Residents say that Harvest first started seeing a lot of traffic here last summer, but with recreational marijuana sales now legalized, the number of people has increased dramatically, according to residents.

During the day, lines are still to the corner on Grant Road and Treat Avenue.

There have been fights, arguments and even guns pulled out between people coming to the store and those living in the neighborhood, according to a city official.

A woman who lives in the area, but did not want to be identified, said the situation has gotten worse.

"I'm so anxiety-ridden when I'm coming home from work that I start to have panic before I even get home, it's just... it's bad," said the resident.
Cars have been blocking driveways, not allowing residents to leave for work in the morning or even just access their property.

Cars have parked in front of trash bins and mailboxes, preventing those services from being completed.

"People have to be respectful, just because you want to buy your ounce of pot doesn't mean that you get to park in front of somebody's driveway and make it so they can't get out," said Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik.
Harvest has recognized the issues and say they are committed to working with the city to solve the problem.

"Everybody is working hard, I mean literally everybody is working hard to alleviate any of the problems that weren't anticipated well in advance," said Steve White, CEO of Harvest House of Cannabis.

The city says customers have a role in this too.

"The customers of this place have to also realize that the people who live around there, they have rights too," said Kozachik.

As lines still wrap around the corner the city has offered up a nearby vacant parcel to help with overflow traffic.

"We are quickly taking all of the opportunities that they are providing and grateful for it," said White.

Residents say help can't come soon enough as the traffic doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

"Keep in mind that these lines start at 6:15 every morning, even on Sunday, and it's not cleared out here till 10:15 to 10:30 every night, this is seven days a week."

City crews are scheduled to paint no parking zones on curbs where it is already illegal to park on Friday morning.

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Mark Mingura

Mark Mingura joined KVOA as a Multi Media Journalist in October 2019. Originally from the valley and with ties to Tucson, Mark is excited to get back to his home state and tell the stories of the Old Pueblo.

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