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Phoenix civil rights icon Calvin C. Goode’s virtual memorial interrupted by hackers using racial slurs

PHOENIX - The virtual memorial service of the late civil rights leader and former Phoenix Vice Mayor Calvin C. Goode was interrupted by hackers shouting the N-word, according to The Arizona Republic.

"My mind told me I shouldn't be shocked, but my body felt it," said Dr. Matthew Whitaker.

The hackers interrupted the service during remarks being made by Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, the newspaper reported.

Gallego recently tweeted that "Phoenix Police and the FBI are coordinating to investigate the disgusting attack," labeling the incident a hate crime.

Phoenix Police are now the lead on the investigation.

"This type of language and disruption is unacceptable and only divides our community. We are committed to working with our community in identifying the person(s) responsible for this act," said Maggie Cox, Public Information Sergeant.

There have been no further updates in the investigation.

Pastor Warren Stewart Sr., Senior Pastor for First Institutional Baptist Church, said Tuesday's hack was a painful reminder of decades of racial injustice.

"America has never confessed of it's original sin of systemic racism," said Stewart Sr.

Pastor Stewart was a lifelong friend of Goode's and says what happened during his memorial service reflects the failure of America's white power structure to call out systemic racism.

"It will never be fixed until confession takes place and there is deliberate repentance which means going in the opposite direction", Stewart Sr. said.

Goode was a Phoenix city servant and a leader in the church. He was also instrumental in pushing the city to observe the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday before the state.

He died earlier this year from an illness not related to COVID-19. He was 93.

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