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Sahuarita passes ordinance regulating recreational marijuana should Prop 207 pass

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TUCSON (KVOA) - Legalizing recreational marijuana is on the ballot and already cities and towns are already getting ready in the event the proposition passes.

On Monday, Sahuarita Mayor and Council approved a new ordinance that would prohibit marijuana shops from popping up unless they had an authorized dual license where they could also sell medical marijuana.

"It's basically to kind of get ahead around Prop 207 if it passes to make sure the town is in a good position moving forward," Simon Davis, Sahuarita councilman said. "I think some of the concerns certainly as a council member that I have is making sure we don't kind of open the box and let this thing out before we have a chance to get a handle on it."

The ordinance would also prohibit marijuana establishments and testing facilities in the town.

Currently, Sahuarita has only one medical marijuana dispensary that would be able to sell recreational marijuana should Prop 207 pass.

"By no means is this to limit if the proposition passes or the will of the people," Davis said. "We're not going to restrict recreational marijuana in the town. We're just going to limit it to the current distribution that's already there in the town."

Mayor Tom Murphy says the ordinance is just so the town can be prepared and have regulations in place should recreational marijuana become legal.

"It wasn't to circumvent anything that was on the ballot already," Murphy said. "It's more to put procedures and processes in place once things could potentially move forward in the future."

To watch Monday's council meeting, click here.

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