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Tucson now in a severe drought, it could get worse this year

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TUCSON (KVOA) - The National Weather Service released its latest drought monitor for Tucson. It said the Old Pueblo is now in a severe drought.

Latest Drought Monitor from the National Weather Service

Saying Tucson is in a drought is really nothing unusual. However, there is a severe drought going on that is affecting the entire Western half of the United State. And it could get worse here in Tucson. 

"The monsoon has been very finicky this year and we haven't seen equal distribution of rain," News 4 Tucson Chief Meteorologist Matt Brode said. "We saw four inches total total here in Tucson, but that was just in one spot. We have not had a consistent moderate to high-grade Monsoon pattern."

This time last year, we didn't see many monsoon storms up to the end of July, but we weren't in a drought.

"Quite frankly, we just had a little bit more in the reserves last year up to this point despite a very dry monsoon," Brode said. "We were carrying a lot of momentum from the previous years where we were seeing above-average rainfall totals."

We are in a tough spot, right now.

If we get a lot of rain at one time, we could see more landslides because of the scarring from Bighorn Fire.

However if we do not get enough rain soon, Arizona crops could suffer. 

"We get a lot of little inverted troughs coming in from West Texas, Chihuahua and Sonora we just have not seen that this year," Brode said.

It is going to take a lot more than a good monsoon rain to get us out of this drought.

Instead what we need is a few good rains this summer, and then consistent rain during the fall and winter.

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