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Monsoon rains leave some Tucson businesses flooded; Pima County Flood Control Responds

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TUCSON (KVOA) - The Tucson Auto Collision Center regularly floods during monsoon.

This means they cannot get customers their vehicles on time and it hurts their business.

Jeff Glorioso has been a technician at the center for 25 years. He said Thursday's rain presented some of the worst flooding he has seen.

"After about 10 minutes of it, we knew it was going to come down so we started the pumps up, but it came in so quick," Glorioso said. "There was nothing we could do."

This is not an unusual sight for Glorioso. Every time heavy rain moves in, has said he needs to stop repairing cars and get to clearing out the water before any damage happens.

"If it comes like it came yesterday, there's nothing you can do but shut operations down, just pray that it clears up quick and you can pump it all out," Glorioso said.

Friday morning, the workers were still cleaning up the muddy mess. Pima County Flood Control says they are aware of the problem in this part of town and have plans to address some problem areas in the future.

"There is poor drainage through that area and it's exacerbated by the elevated railroad and I-10," said Brian Jones, the Division Manager of Pima County Flood Control. "It stops water from continuing on west to the Santa Cruz River."

Jones said the location makes it extremely difficult to completely end the flooding. He said ultimately, it is way too expensive. 

"Unless we were to buy out a whole lot of properties, there's not a way we can efficiently or cost-effectively eliminate flooding in that area," he said.

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