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Coronado National Forest announces new restrictions following Bighorn Fire

TUCSON (KVOA) - The Bighorn Fire is nearly under control at about 89 percent containment.

While most evacuation orders have been lifted, new restrictions are going into place Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Officials from the Coronado National Forest announced the new restrictions will close parts of the forest areas of Mount Lemmon until Nov. 1.

Those areas include Pima Canyon, Fingerrock and an area North of Redington Road.

This comes in an effort to protect the public from hazardous conditions that can follow monsoon rains.

The road to Mount Lemmon, which is Pima County Sheriff Department's jurisdiction, also remains closed to visitors but only until officials deem it safe.

"Everyone is just kind of looking at this year as a loss but we're still going to try you know," Jennifer Zimmerman, Associate Broker with Mount Lemmon Realty said. "We need the mountain open so we can try to make some sort of something to pay the employees."

Pima County Sheriff Deputy Marissa Hernandez says there is no date in place to reopen the road but the department will open it as soon as it's safe.

"We want the public to take into consideration is that we're still working with the incident management team the fire is still active on the mountain," Hernandez said. "There's a portion of the fire that remains un-contained near the roadway. Once we do have containment and that is safe then we'll open it back up."

Meanwhile local businesses are counting on the public to come visit when they get the green light.

"As the county will open the road, we'll be ready with lots of fudge," Grey Carpenter, Owner of Mt. Lemmon General store said. "Otherwise, we hope that everybody comes up and supports the community the other restaurants and businesses that are up here and gets up here to enjoy some cool air real soon."

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