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Tucson man celebrates Leap Year birthday with a ‘magical’ party

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TUCSON - Leap Day is upon us and while it may be just another day for many of us, a man in Tucson is celebrating in a special way this year.

“I was born in 1992 on Feb. 29. I think it was a Wednesday.”

Anthony Sanchez will be turning 28-years-old on February 29th, but technically he’s turning 7!

“A lot of times people will ask me first how old I am and I tell them my younger age first before I even tell them I’m 28 and a lot of people are like wow you’re really young and I’m like yeah I try,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez only gets to celebrate his birthday every four years as a leap day baby, so this year he wanted a super soft birthday party.

His girlfriend Tenaya Snider is helping him plan a unicorn-themed birthday party.

“It’s kind of fun for me because I am younger than he is, but it is really fun to tell people that you know I’m dating a six-year-old instead of somebody that is actually 27 because they always give me you that weird look like what?”

Sanchez told News 4 Tucson he has put Snider in charge of the decorations.

“I left her have the reigns for how she wants to decorate my birthday party,” said Sanchez.

Snider has been shopping for weeks collecting unicorn decorations including napkins and straws and unicorn themed invitations. She is also planning to give all of the guests goodie bags.

“It was easy for me to land on the unicorn idea because I thought with how much unicorn stuff there is out there it would make the perfect kind of party with the colors the soft pinks and purples and light blues,” said Snider. “I found the perfect blue napkins so not everything is pink and purple because it is still technically a boy’s birthday even though we are going with the unicorn theme.”

Sanchez said he doesn’t meet many Leap Year babies like him and he said it has taught him to stop and think about what’s important in life. This year he is celebrating more than just a birthday.

“With a lot of people stop caring about birthdays because they're getting older, but at the same time with having a leap year as a birthday it made me realize that having a birthday isn't really that meaningful, but being able to celebrate with family and friends that you survived another year is a good accomplishment," he said.

News 4 Tucson has asked the couple to share pictures from the party.

Wishing all of you Leap Year babies a very happy birthday!

Amanda Gomez

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