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N4T Investigators: Mom who abandoned baby sentenced to prison

Cochise County Attorney's Office
Marina Garcia

TUCSON- The Sierra Vista woman who gave away her baby in 2018 is back behind bars, this time for a much longer sentence than she previously served.

Marina Garcia was sentenced today in Cochise County Superior Court to three and a half years in prison for violating probation. Garcia, 33, pleaded guilty in 2018 to giving her three-day-old son to friends to raise. The couple was driving the infant to their home in Texas when they were stopped for speeding. This was after Garcia told her husband, who was in the Army in South Korea, that the baby died during birth. DNA tests later showed her husband was not the father.

Garcia served three months in the county jail in 2018. After her release, she skipped probation meetings and went missing, according to the Cochise County Attorney's Office. She was arrested in a store in Sierra Vista in December.

Garcia cried when the sentence was announced.

The boy has since been adopted by Ms. Garcia's now ex-husband, Army Sergeant Steven Garcia, who was adopted.

Matthew Schwartz

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