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Tucson grandma sentenced to 21 years for killing grandsons with autism

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TUCSON - The fate of a Tucson grandma accused of killing her twin grandsons with autism was decided on Monday.

Dorothy Flood will spend a total of 21 years in prison.

She received 10 and a half years for each child and will serve those consecutively.

Flood was found unresponsive on April 4 and her eight-year-old grandsons were found dead, by gunshot.

There was not a dry eye in the Pima County Superior courtroom on Monday.

The family of Jaden, Jordan and their grandma Dorothy packed the courtroom while Judge Howard Fell sentenced Flood.

Jaden and Jordan Webb were eight-year-old twin boys with severe autism. Family members said they were non-verbal and wore diapers. Their mom died three years ago and then Flood took in the boys.

Flood had to quit her job to care for the boys. She had to stop taking depression medicine since she did not have insurance.

The defense and prosecution both agreed Flood loved and adored her grandsons.

But on April 3, 2019, she had enough and snapped.

"She in her letter said when she took the gun out of the drawer, she said, 'I am sorry buddy, we are not getting better. They cannot help us, so we are going to leave, the three of us.' She describes her run opening up his arms saying he understood," said the Prosecution.

The defense argues: Flood was mentally unstable and her heart wanted the boys free from pain and suffering.

"She shot Jordan in the stomach. Jordan is the boy who suffered GI problems. He was the one who held on to his stomach because he was in horrible pain. She shot Jaden in the chest. Jaden was the boy who suffered from asthma who couldn't breathe."

Flood then shot the boys once more, but this time in the head. She tried to kill herself with the gun but it jammed. So she took a bunch of pills, hoping she never woke up. Her goal was for all three to reunite in heaven.

Flood was originally being charged with first-degree murder but last month she took a plea deal to lesser charges: manslaughter.

Before Judge Fell sentenced Flood to 21 years in prison, she said, "I loved those boys I never intended to harm them. I am so sorry that I did."

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