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Veterans cope with PTSD through drift racing

TUCSON — Dozens of veterans had an opportunity to receive help coping with PTSD through drift racing. It’s all part of a program led by a non-profit that works to help veterans. The free event was held on Sunday at the Musselman Honda Circuit Racetrack.

“The RPM’s, the sound, the vibrations, getting slammed around drifting around it was awesome,” Marine Corp Veteran Ralph Biezad said.

“Heck of an experience. Oh man absolutely love it. Kind of goes beyond words you know,” Michael Barr a Vietnam Veteran said. “I get the idea of it an adrenaline dump and I can see why this would have a therapeutic effect on people who have experienced this before in combat.”

Vetdrenaline Racing, a non-profit, got its start from Jess Maney, a veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I struggled with PTSD after coming home from combat in 2008, 2009,” Maney said, “That’s kind of the thing I was starting to miss that excitement that had when I was overseas and that comradery of that brotherhood.”

Over 30 veterans felt sharp turns and the need for speed. A great way to help those dealing with PTSD.

“Well I think to often we get caught up in our symptoms and it’s easy to just sit down on the couch maybe crack a beer you know and not do the things that are that healthy for you,” Barr said, “Let’s do something about it not live in your symptoms and lets be active about taking care of yourself.”

The non-profit runs by donations and volunteers and helps veterans go through a three month mental and physical wellness program.

For more information on Vetdrenaline, click here.

Denelle Confair

Denelle Confair

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