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New interagency fire dispatch system unveiled

TUCSON – First responders and firefighters are working with a new interagency dispatch system that’s improving response time.

Emergency crews argue this new dispatch system is a time saver and an effective first, fast response when every second counts.

“It’s literally life or death,” said dispatcher, Lupe Munoz. “Seconds matter. We can now be adding multiple resources at the same time while not neglecting other calls.”

Northwest Fire District Deputy Fire Chief Michael Rollman said as part of a regional dispatch center, first responders would often have to wait their turn to be dispatched because only one emergency call could be dispatched at a time.

“We’re now able to dispatch separate calls simultaneously so the efforts of our dispatchers are that much more efficient now,” said Rollman. “Now what we have is one set of dispatchers that dispatch for all of the fire agencies.”

This new system allows local fire agencies to talk to each other with less confusion .

“With this new system, those struggles are gone because they’re responding on the same radio channels,” said Rollman. “They’re able to speak to each other now.”



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