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Former wheelchair basketball player who lived in car, now on the rebound

TUCSON — Malat Wei once played wheelchair basketball for the University of Arizona.

Last year, he was set to go oversees to play but that opportunity fell through leaving him without a roof over his head and jobless.

He spent weeks living in his car.

“There were some days that it was too hot so I just stayed up all night,” Wei first told us back in July. “In the morning I go to class and stay at the library all day until sunset.”

After our first story aired, Patricia Romo with Tucson’s Quality of Life Medical Center wanted to help.

She had a job open in the records department.

Two weeks ago, Malat started in that position.

“I asked for help and I got the answer that I wanted,” he said.

“I wish there were more people in the community who need work and need shelter and need to put themselves together,” Romo said. “Malat is a great addition to our clinic, he comes everyday with a positive attitude. His attitude towards overcoming obstacles, adversity. He let’s everyone know you can never give and he’s an example of that.”

Malat now has an apartment and he using his car for it’s true purpose.

“Everything is temporary unless you make it permanent,” Malat said. “Don’t give up and if you need help, ask. There’s a lot of people out there that are willing to help and change your life.”

Eric Fink

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