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Civano Coffee closes after eight years in business

TUCSON – An eastside coffee house has closed down after eight years in business. The owner of Civano Coffee, Mario Mastrosimone said the decision wasn’t easy.

“It was one of the hardest things I had to do, to come in and the employees were here and they had no idea what was going on, Mastrosimone said emotionally. ” And I said this is the last time I am locking the door and we all covered the window and took the sign down together and it was very hard.”

The coffee house’s door and social media post state the city of Tucson forced them to shut their doors due to violations. Violations included compliance with existing zoning of residential and commercial space and license requirements. However, the city of Tucson says that is not the case.

“The last thing we want to do is shut a business down. In fact, I don’t know in my 20-year career in the city that we know of that happening at all on behalf of the city unless there were egregious violations,” said Pima County Public Information Officer, Andy Squire.

When asked what for his response to the city’s statement, Mastrosimone responded:

“I would say that was 100% true and I did it because I just couldn’t deal with the fight anymore.”

Mario says he is looking for a new location for his business.

The Civano neighborhood’s Home Owner Association Activity Center will be hosting a public discussion Saturday called “Save Civano Coffee House”.


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