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Beekeepers estimate the hive found in a Midland, Texas yard weighs 90 pounds and is home to thousands of bees

(KWES)  If you’re driving down Princeton Avenue in Midland, Texas you might see a giant wooden box hanging about 15 feet off the ground in a tree.

If you take a closer look you will notice a beehive with thousands of European honey bees buzzing around it. But this is not your average beehive.

“I think this is truly amazing,” says Sibley Nature Center scientist Michael Nickell.

Nickell says this is the largest natural hive he has ever seen in Midland, maybe even in all of West Texas.

Homeowner Garrett Nichols came across the beehive a few months ago as he was mowing his lawn and noticed honeycombs on the ground.

“It was quite a fright just to see them up there; there’s probably thousands of bees up there and that’s startling to see when you’re right underneath them.”

NBC News

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