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Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in need of volunteers, donations

TUCSON – The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona is in need of donations and volunteers this summer.
They serve around 190,000 people every year.

People who wish to receive an emergency food box must meet federal poverty level guidelines.

D. Maxfield visits the food bank once a month. She is disabled with multiple sclerosis. She said she sometimes needs some extra help with food.

“Without this, it would be probably hard for a lot of people or maybe myself too,” Maxfield said. “I think if I didn’t have the help a little bit.”

The emergency food bags come with a few cans of food, rice, beans and pasta. Luckily, donations have helped those in need by adding to that.

“They give bread,” Maxfield said. “They give milk, cereal, a bag of apples.”

To show her thanks, Maxfield gives back by volunteering her time.

“I volunteer for Serenity Baptist Church and have been doing it for many many years and just absolutely love it,” Maxfield said.

Norma Cable who works at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona said since they serve so many areas and locations, they are in need of volunteers and donations. Cable said since it is the summertime, a lot of their volunteers are gone.

“For this time of year it’s always a challenge for us,” Cable said. “We do see a lot of food drives and donations coming in during the holidays. We do know we are dealing with hunger and poverty that are always a problem, no matter what time of year it is.”

“You know people come because they are hungry and they are in need of food for their family, and you know that is pretty basic,” Jennifer Bosma a volunteer said. “It’s really touching that there is a place that they can come and get what they need and be happy leaving with their food.”

If you would like to donate or volunteer to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, visit

Denelle Confair

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