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Conservation groups plan legal challenge over Endangered Species Act

TUCSON –  From the Jaguar to the Mexican Gray Wolf, right now there are more than sixty endangered species living in Arizona.

Randy Serraglio says he’s worried about every one of them.

“Well we weren’t surprised, the Trump administration has never seen an environmental law that it likes or a handout to industry that it doesn’t like,” said Serraglio.

On Monday, the Trump administration proposed a series of changes to the decades-old Endangered Species Act.

The changes would allow officials to attach a cost to saving a particular plant or animal and disregard the potential impact of climate change.

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says the changes will be a step forward.

“As someone who has worked with the implementation of the act for over two and a half decades, I do believe these changes will reduce needless conflict that has neither improved the situation on the ground or the cause of lasting species recovery,” said Bernhardt.

Serraglio says the Center is preparing legal action to try and stop the changes from happening.

“The Endangered Species Act is really one of the most effective environmental laws ever passed and for that reason and many others it’s also one of the most popular and it works just fine the way it is,” said Serraglio.

Nick VinZant

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