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Walking tall: 3D printing keeps man on his feet

(KPNX) Elliot Monuro has battled cancer all his life. From the age of 11, Monuro has taken medications as part of the fight against cancer. He first noticed the side effects of the medicine on his bones in his mid-twenties: intolerable pain in his ankles.

Elliot was diagnosed with osteonecrosis, a disease that breaks down the bone faster than the body can repair it.

In October of 2018 the pain in his right ankle was more than he could bear. His doctors told him amputation was the only remedy.

That’s when Elliot met with Dr. Jeff Holmes of Banner Boswell Medical Center. Dr. Holmes had been made aware of a new procedure that Elliot was a perfect candidate for.

“In my mind, there was no other option,” Dr. Holmes explains. “The only other option was amputation.”

Amputation was not an option for Elliot. He wanted desperately to keep his foot and play with his young children. Knowing that if the surgery failed, the result would be the loss of his foot, he felt he had nothing to lose by trying.

“This was my last chance at having a leg,” he recalls.

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