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How to check your area for registered sex offenders

TUCSON — Pima County Sheriff’s deputies are reminding the community to stay vigilant when it comes to sex offenders. Officials said there are a little over 2,000 registered sex offenders in the county.

If you’d like to see if there are sex offenders living in your area, you can check the sex offender registry and type in your address.

Each offender is categorized by levels. Level 3 is the most severe, and Level 0 represents juveniles or anyone with an offense prior to June 1st, 1996.

That’s the date when Megan’s Law went into effect. It stems from the murder of Megan Kanka, a seven-year-old girl who was raped and murdered by her neighbor. The heinous crime lead to the requirement of law enforcement to disclose the location of registered sex offenders.

“Anyone prior to that, it doesn’t matter how many times they’ve offended,” said PCSD Deputy Santiago Hernandez. “If everything prior to that they adjudicated before June 1, 1996, they’ll be a Level 0.”

We asked how each sex offender is given a different level.

“It’s not so much the crime itself it’s everything included in the crime… Is there alcohol? Was there kidnapping? Were they being held against their will?,” Deputy Hernandez said. “So it all depends on how many victims. Were they male or female? So there’s a bunch of different criteria they meet, and it’s just a numerical answer.”

His biggest advice is to the public is to keep your eyes open, and report anything out of the ordinary.

“If they see anything suspicious, especially if they get a flyer and they see something suspicious with a sex offender, let us know,” Dep. Hernandez said.

To check out the sex offender database, click here. 

Denelle Confair

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