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4 Your Health: The women at highest risk of deadly cancer

NBC News
Certain women are more at risk of a deadly form of breast cancer.

Certain women may face a higher risk of an aggressive and hard to treat form of breast cancer.

Researchers from Georgia State University looked at all breast cancer cases in the U.S. between 2010 and 2014. They found minority women especially African Americans had much higher rates of triple negative breast cancer.

Age was also a factor. Women under 40 had twice the odds of being diagnosed with triple negative cancer than those over 50.

How dangerous synthetic marijuana can be

A new study from Columbia University reveals the dangerous effects synthetic marijuana can have on teens.

Researchers looked at ER records of teens treated for marijuana-related symptoms. Those who used synthetic pot were more likely to have slow reflexes, slurred speech, or be comatose, than teens who used traditional cannabis.

Combining synthetic marijuana with stimulants also increased the risk of seizures.

Benefits for women who give up alcohol

Quitting alcohol may improve the physical and mental health of women.

That’s according to a new study of moderate and non-drinkers in China and the U.S. It showed men and women who never drank had the highest level of mental well-being.

But women who were moderate drinkers and quit, reported improved mental health regardless of any other lifestyle factors.

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney

Sean Mooney is cohost of Tucson Today, Monday-Friday 5-7 am.
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