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Cochise County fire burns dangerously close to rancher’s home

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. — Stan White’s ranch lies 12 miles southeast from the Tombstone Post Office and 35 miles from Douglas.

“We have a 750-gallon water tank on there that’s pretty high pressure, it belongs to my neighbor,” he said. “That’s what you have to do when you live in the middle of nowhere.”

However, the middle of nowhere is not protected from fire and on Friday morning, White saw flames coming dangerously close to the home he’s had in this farmland for 32 years.

“This grass is a foot tall, it’s up to your knees, it’s dry,” White said. “It’s like setting a newspaper on fire. You bet I was nervous. We’ve had that area burnt three times in the last few years.”

On Friday around 10:30 a.m., officials say a car fire ignited a blaze on wildland near Davis Road between State Route 80 and High Lonesome Road. The fire scorched more than 400 acres.

“We’re the only houses out here,” White said. “Here and a half a mile up the road. It would have been a real catastrophe had they not been able to stop it.”

White said neither he and his wife nor their neighbor was evacuated. About 60 firefighters worked quickly to stop forward progress.

“Normally by this time a year, we’ve had some monsoon,” White said.



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