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In 911 call alleged victim of Sir Philip Green calls retail tycoon: ‘The British Harvey Weinstein’

TUCSON —  In a 911 call made to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department earlier this year, a woman claimed to be a victim of sexual harassment by British billionaire, Sir Philip Green.

In the call, The woman can be heard comparing Green’s behavior to that of former Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

“He’s the British Harvey Weinstein, he pays people to not talk after he sexually harasses them,” the alleged victim said. “And this man is a prominent person in the UK and now I’ve got reporters showing up at my door trying to get some information about this and I just want to make sure it’s on the record and reported.”

In the call obtained by News 4 Tucson Wednesday, the alleged victim recalls Green, the CEO of retail giant Topshop, took a Pilates class on two separate occasions.

The woman said she was Green’s instructor.

“The first incident happened in 2016 and then it happened again in 2018.”

The victim describes the alleged harassment in 2018.

“He hugged me and put his hand on my butt and he kept his hand there on my butt for an uncomfortable amount of time and then he patted my bare stomach as I was demonstrating a stretch to him,” she said. “So he touched my stomach.”

The retail tycoon faces misdemeanor charges.

“He’s just like an octopus,” the alleged victim said. He’s very touchy and very grabby.”

Eric Fink

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