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Five new murals coming to the Old Pueblo

TUCSON – Colors, art, and brightness will be decorating the Old Pueblo this week.

Tucson streets will see five more murals –all done by local artists.

Banner – University Medicine sponsored the project as part of a public art project.

“The city’s vibrant arts scene and colorful murals are part of what makes Tucson special,” said Chad Whelan, MD, CEO of Banner – University Medicine in Tucson. “We were looking for relaxing artwork that speaks to health, healing and togetherness.”

You can check out the murals at these locations:

  • Joe Pagac, 2320 N. Campbell Ave.
  • Jessica Gonzales, 2425 N. Oracle Road
  • Ignacio Garcia, 246 N. Fourth Ave.
  • Lalo Cota, 3443 E. Speedway Blvd. and 3540 N. Oracle Road

Artist Profiles: (Information provided by Banner-University Medicine)

Artist’s name: Joe Pagac

By Joe Pagac / Courtesy: Banner – University Medicine

Artist: Joe Pagac is a Tucson-based artist. He enjoys sharing his work with the community and to incorporate the diverse plants and animals of the region, as well as the breathtaking sunsets.

About the artwork: This design represents the idea of thriving even in a harsh environment. The whales are a family.  Tucson is represented by the sky and the mountain and the cacti. As locals we carry the pride of the landscape on our shoulders and our backs, but we also subtly exist among it, which is why I’ve offered it to be included under the family of whales as they take deep breaths in their journey flowing over it.

Artist: Jessica Gonzales is a Tucson-based artist and muralist. She loves to evoke emotion in her work through the use of bold colors and to incorporate elements from the Tucson nature environment in her work.

By: Jessica Gonzales / Courtesy: Banner -University Medicine

About the artwork: The feathers represent a weight off the shoulders, and the strip of orange color across the woman’s face to represents the soothing sensation of the warm sun on the skin and fresh air. Tucson is represented by the mountains and plant life. The woman’s gaze is meant to connect with the viewer and feel personal, and her expression is meant to be one of confidence and warmth, both things you’d want in a caregiver like Banner. The glowing heart near her own heart is meant to reflect a sense of compassion and nurturing and her offering of love and care.


Artist: Ignacio Garcia –Since 2003 Ignacio has produced various types of public art. He thrives displaying a distinct emotional and physical reaction to all of his artwork, invoking the most unpredictable and authentic reactions from each viewer.

By: Ignacio Garcia / Courtesy: Banner – University Medicine

About the artwork: Inspiration was drawn from seeing a woman relaxed. The stylized background texture showcases comfort and tranquility; the feeling of fresh air. The gentle and cool colors are soothing to enrich a better life.

 Artist: Lalo Cota is a Mexican-American surrealist painter who has achieved a large regional following in Arizona. With murals and exhibitions in Cuba, Mexico, South America and Europe, Lalo is building his international influence. His use of vibrant hues pay homage to a style influenced by indigenous Mexican cultures, European surrealism and modern street art. His paintings often express the delights and horrors of modern life; evoking feelings of both absolute despair and absolute joy.


By: Lalo Cota / Courtesy: Banner – University Medicine
By: Lalo Cota / Courtesy: Banner – University Medicine



Julia Leon

Julia is a Digital Content Specialist for KVOA News 4 Tucson. In 2018, she earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in journalism from the University of Arizona.

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