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Preparing for the start of monsoon

TUCSON – Saturday marks the official start of the monsoon. The seasonal weather can make driving conditions very dangerous. First responders say now is the time to prepare yourself for this summer’s weather.

“It can be 105 degrees out not a cloud in the sky,” John Walka Rural Metro Fire Battalion Chief said, “Then two hours later before you know it then you’ve got heavy rain high winds and just a lot of chaotic weather going on.”

The city of Tucson’s Department of Transportation already preparing for heavy rains with Operation Splash. They’ve already started to distribute free sandbags to residents and put up barricades throughout the city.

“Have a preparedness kit if your house,” Walka said,” If you’re prone to flooding in your area bring some sandbags with you. Have those on hand don’t wait until it rains to get those sandbags.”

Whether you’re on the road or in your home officials say it’s important to have a first aid kit with you at all times.

“Turn around don’t drown. That’s very very important,” Walka said, “We can’t emphasize that enough because a little bit of water can move a small vehicle.”

He says to also be mindful of thunderstorms.

“When thunder roars go indoors,” Walka said, “Even if you hear thunder out in the distance that doesn’t mean that your safe from a lightning strike. A parent thunderstorm can occur…many miles away from you and we have seen lightning strikes occur in areas where there is basically no storm activity at all.”

Denelle Confair

Denelle Confair

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