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Staying cool in the hot weather

TUCSON – As southern Arizona starts to see scorching temperatures, many workers are having to brave the heat every day.

“It’s pretty tough right now,” Hector Alvarez said. “It’s getting pretty warm.”

Workers like Alvarez have to make sure they stay safe while working.

“We usually drink a Pedialyte in the morning and then stay hydrated,” Roberto Lopez said.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, there were 2,957 people that went to the emergency room for heat-related illness in 2017.

To prevent heat strokes, officials recommend to drink plenty of water, and dress for the heat by wearing light clothing that’s light in color. They also say it is important to eat small meals and eat more often, eating foods that are high in protein.

Signs of heat stroke include nausea and dizziness.

The warning signs of a more severe heat stroke is vomiting and high body temperature.

“We take 15 minutes to drink water, five minutes of rest because you have to drink a lot of liquids,” Lopez said.

Denelle Confair

Denelle Confair

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