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At least 10 killed in shootout in Agua Prieta

AGUA PRIETA, SON, MEXICO. – At least 10 people were killed during a shootout in Mexico near the Douglas Port of Entry on Monday, June 10.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told News 4 Tucson two cartels are involved in a shootout ranging from Naco to Agua Prieta, Mexico.

Sheriff Dannels said the shootout began just around 4 p.m. a couple of blocks away from the Douglas Port of Entry.

One person who was shot showed up to that port of entry and another showed up in Naco. Both were taken to local hospitals.

Authorities told News 4 Tucson they are being extremely vigilant at this time.

“Right now we’re vigilant on this,” said Sheriff Mark Dannels. “I’ve talked to the border sheriffs from here to Yuma, including the police chief from Douglas and our federal partners. Our job is to protect these communities along the border and to make sure this doesn’t flow into the U.S.”

Sheriff Dannels said both ports of entry in Naco and Douglas are open as law enforcement resources continue to work together.

We will continue to update this developing story.

Kylie Warren

Kylie Warren is the Senior 10 p.m. Producer at News 4 Tucson. She graduated from the University of Arizona School of Journalism in 2017.

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