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Tucson nurses picket for staffing improvements

TUCSON – Nurses at Tenet hospitals are joining forces to raise patient care awareness.

Local registered nurses gathered outside St. Joseph’ Hospital on Tuesday and started picketing at 6:15 a.m. Another informational picket will take place at St. Mary’s Hospital from 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

“According to some well-established research, there is a clear link between RN staffing and good patient outcome,” Justine Rykus, RN at St. Joseph’s said.  “So that’s what we’re out here trying to do, trying to get those patient outcomes even better than they already are. And we’re trying to get more nurses to recruit and retain so we can get those patient ratios we’re looking for.”

Reportedly, nurses at 10 other hospitals in California, Florida, and Texas are also demanding management to invest in nursing staff and patient care.

Between St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s hospitals, nearly 1,000 of the registered nurses are members of the National Nurses Organizing Committee, which is affiliated with National Nurses United, the largest union of registered nurses in the United States.

According to National Nurses United, this initiative is to “improve the recruitment and retention of experienced RNs, and ensure optimal patient care.”

Here’s a statement from the union:

“California Nurses Association /National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC) represents more than 6200 nurses at Tenet facilities across the United States and is affiliated with National Nurses United, the largest and fastest growing union of registered nurses in the United States with 150,000 members. NNU plays a leadership role in safeguarding the health and safety of RNs and their patients and has won landmark legislation in the areas of staffing, safe patient handling, infectious disease and workplace violence prevention.”

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