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The Center Of Opportunity set to open in June

TUCSON — Several months ago in Cleveland, Joe Lanckiewicz hopped on a greyhound bus.

When it stopped in Tucson, he got off, anxious to start over.

“I got carried away with drug abuse, got tired of the winters and I came out her to get a new life started,” Lanckiewicz said.

And now as the heat approaches, there is new hope in the form of The Center For Opportunity on the city’s south side.

“It is a first class facility,” visionary and philanthropist Humberto Lopez said. “My goal and one of the conditions was that these people have to be treated with dignity and respect so they got to feel like they’re no different than you or me or anybody else.”

“Homeless people walk about an average of 10 miles a day,” incoming Gospel Rescue Mission Executive Director Lisa Chastain said. “It’s hard enough to get around town for those of us who have vehicles. This is a center of hope for them that they can get services all under one roof. Instead of going across town, they can go across the hall.”

The Gospel Rescue Mission estimates there are more than 1,000 people here in Tucson who are homeless.
The Center for Opportunity will provide 350 beds and 1,000 meals a day.

The facility located at 4500 Palo Verde Blvd. officially opens June 3.

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