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Tucson and Mesa help Arizona pick up on ground on Florida for recruiting retirees

TUCSON – Older Americans are on the move.

According to Census Bureau data, there are more than 71 million people in the U.S.are 60 and older.

And many Americans who reach retirement age are moving to warmer climates that offer a lower cost of living. ran data from the Census Bureau, comparing the number of people aged 60 and older who moved into a city or state to the number of people who moved out of a city or state.

Over the last decade, Florida has been the most attractive destination by far for older Americans on a fixed income. But, this year, the total number of migrations to Florida fell to 68,918 from 84,663 the previous year.

According to the latest numbers available, Arizona is closing the gap on Florida with 31,201 retirees moving to the state, up from 28,614 in the 2018 rankings.

SmartAsset also ranked the top cities for retirees.

And two Arizona cities made the top three.

Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas, came in on top with 3,889 retirees moving into the city with 1,435 moving out.

Mesa and Tucson came in at number two and three.

4,072 retirees moved into Mesa while 1,719 moved out.

3,219 moved into Tucson with 1,359 retirees moving out of the city.

For a look at the complete list:

Paul Birmingham

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