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Drexel Heights Fire District receives $400K grant

TUCSON – Drexel Heights Fire District is using new equipment thanks to a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant. The fire district received a $400,000 Assistance to Firefighters Grant, which allowed them to purchase ten new cardiac monitors.

The cardiac monitors have new technology that sends data instantly to hospitals nearby.

“We used them this morning,” Capt. Edward Riesgo said. “So we didn’t have to defibrillate but we have to hook up everything.”

Riesgo is a paramedic for the Drexel Heights Fire District. He has been with them over a decade and said this new technology makes his job a little bit easier.

“We have great paramedics here,” Riesgo said. “We have great EMT’s here, but like I said this is just another tool in the toolbox that helps them do their job a little bit better.”

“The monitors lighter smaller than the other one yet more capable,” Joe Bratton, Drexel Heights battalion chief said. “We’ve been able to transmit…to the hospital for interpretation of their part and then they have their team ready to go.”

The new monitors replace 9-year-old equipment.

“It feels awesome,” Bratton said, “It feels like they’re listening to the smaller fire departments and our needs and it’s a very positive thing.”

Denelle Confair

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