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Remarkable Mom: Nancy Sweitzer

TUCSON – Mother’s Day is coming up, so News 4 Tucson is highlighting moms in the community who are remarkable.

Nancy Sweitzer is one of the winners of the Tu Nidito Remarkable Mom contest.

As a doctor and the director of the Sarver Heart Center, she is a busy woman, but her kids think she is pretty incredible.

“I was a doctor and a mom and a nurse and a wife,” said Sweitzer.

But in 2012, Sweitzer was given a new identity as a single mom.

“He was diagnosed with acute leukemia,” Sweitzer said. “He went through a bone transplant, lots of chemo therapy, he was pretty sick for six years and in 2012, he died of leukemia.”

Her world was shaken up when her husband, Kurt, passed. But she says she has a special bond with her two kids, Geneva and Peter.

“They both have a lot of their dad in them and they have different aspects of their dad,” Sweitzer said. “Seeing that he’s living on, and I cry every time I talk about this too… He’s living on in really special ways and that’s a really great part about being their mom.”

She says it has been tough being a single mom with a busy career at Sarver Heart Center. But she loves being both.

“Being an accomplished and busy professional, working on developing and maintaining a national and international reputation, while raising kids and dealing with the death of a spouse… I don’t know if it’s remarkable, but it’s a lot to get through and I think we did it reasonable well,” said Sweitzer.

Each Mother’s Day, Tu Nidito chooses five remarkable moms who are making a difference in the community.

Sweitzer and the four other moms will be honored Saturday.

Go HERE to read more about Tu Nudito and what they do.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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