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National transgender hotline hopes to prevent suicide

TUCSON – According to the National Transgender Survey, 41 percent of transgender Americans reported they have attempted suicide.

The first transgender suicide hotline is now up and running in the U.S., it is called Trans Lifeline.

Trans Lifeline is the only service in the country where everyone answering is transgender.

There is also a hotline for LGBTQ youth that just went to 24/7.

News 4 Tucson spoke with people in the community who say these lifelines are making a huge difference.

“When I started to transition, I did receive a lot of rejection and kind of push back from my community, my family, but I knew that I was doing it for myself and that I had to do it, otherwise, I would not be the happy person that I am today,” said Russ Toomey, Family Studies and Human Development Associate Professor.

Associated Press

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