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Widower wants justice more than a year after wife’s death

TUCSON — “You got two choices when something like this happens to you,” Douglas Angiolini said. “You either fizzle away and die or you try to pick yourself up and move on.”

For the last 14 months, Angiolini has been trying to do just that.

It was Saturday, March 3, 2018. Barbara Angiolini was walking the couple’s dog when she was standing on the sidewalk outside McDonald’s on Grant Road. and Tanque Verde Road.

Barbara was hit and killed in an accident by a driver who lost control.

“Nothing happened for days and days, months and months,” Douglas said.

Now, charges were filed in Tucson City Court. The suspect faces a Class 1 misdemeanor for a moving violation that causes serious physical injury or death.

“He ran a red light, he was speeding,” Douglas Angiolini said. “I guess you can hit and kill somebody and get a traffic ticket here in Tucson. The mother, my daughter, the father, all the rest of the family members are blown away.”

This husband who’s still grieving believes the potential penalty is not enough.

“How would you feel if your wife of 24 years got ran down and killed while walking a dog, standing on the sidewalk and you have to wait a year and three months for the guy to even be charged?”

Douglas wants his daughter and his mother-in-law to have just a little bit of closure.

“When you lose somebody like that, there’s nothing that’s going to bring them back,” he said. “But they’re looking for some kind of justice.”

The suspect’s first court appearance is May 13.


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