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Bird recovering at wildlife center after suffering broken wing

TUCSON — Wildlife experts say a small, young cormorant, a tropical water bird, is in their care at the Tucson Wildlife Center Friday.

The cormorant is in need of some TLC.

“With birds they heal very fast,” veterinarian Roberto Aguilar said. “We’re fortunate because they heal much faster than a person.”

The Tucson Wildlife Center tells News 4 Tucson the bird suffered a broken wing when it was in a pond at an apartment complex on the east side Thursday.

Experts say it was looking for fish to eat and kids were throwing rocks at the bird. When specialists at the wildlife center found him, he was unable to fly.

“It would have starved,” Aguilar said. “It wouldn’t have had enough food in the area. Fishing for them is a problem if they have a break. You cannot trust that to heal properly. Kids should learn that these animals need a proper environment. We really believe the measure of a person is the way they treat an animal.”

Deliberately harming wildlife is illegal. Aguilar estimates the bird will be in rehab at the wildlife center for approximately one month. Aguilar said the bird won’t like being out of the water during this time.


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